August 19, 2022

Common Challenges in Kenyan Hospitality Procurement

By TopUp Mama

In industries like hospitality, procurement managers are hugely responsible for the success of the business as their efforts are felt directly by end consumers. This means the allowance for mistakes in their roles is minimum. Hospitality procurement managers in Kenya, just like any other professions face certain challenges in the execution of their roles. 

So what are the most common challenges that Kenyan procurement managers face, and how can they manage them?

  1. Inadequate Planning 

Procurement managers' success can be attributed to how well they plan and follow through. Advanced planning in procurement results in saved costs and overall efficiency in business operations. While unexpected circumstances might affect the accuracy of a plan already put in place, it is better to be well prepared. 

Planning adequately for demand limits the last-minute rush to find different suppliers for extra products. Procurement managers should have contingency plans as well, in case their main suppliers are unable to fulfill supply requests. Having various suppliers and knowing the demand patterns at your establishment ensures your team isn’t inconvenienced at any point. 

  1. The Challenge of Saving Cost vs Getting Quality Product 

Tasked with the role of ensuring better profit margins for the business, procurement managers are often required to source products from the supplier with the lowest cost. Sometimes, lower cost means poor quality and procurement managers might feel conflicted. 

When it comes to the question of cost vs quality, procurement managers should always choose product quality as getting products of lesser quality affects the price in the long run; from having to dispose of spoilt products, to getting negative customer feedback. 

  1. Inefficiencies of Traditional Procurement Processes 

In an increasingly digital world, procurement managers stuck in the traditional procurement ways might face various difficulties like inaccurate data, which leads to misleading information during planning. 

Keeping up with digital trends, technological advancement, and integrating procurement software like TopUp Mama makes procurement managers' work easier and more efficiently due to the centralization of all aspects of the purchasing process. 

What is the number one procurement challenge you struggle with at your business?

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